we began as a humble seed

Join us on the journey to food enlightenment. It starts with Flower Child's fundamental promise to serve healthy food for a happy world. It means we work with ranchers who respect, protect and love their animals - and our food supply. Our proteins are all raised naturally, without additives. Our organic produce is guided by the wisdom of the Environmental Working Group.
“healthy food for a happy world”
This journey often leads us home. Local sourcing is a priority. We know our farmers and their families. Our food is always cooked fresh. And served quickly. We're fast. But we never cut corners. You can taste it. We are grateful. Humbled. Honored. We're thrilled you're a Flower Child, too. Thank you for being part of the revolution. Peace, love and see you soon.

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Locations & Menus


Flower Child: Peace, Love and Earth. Celebrate Earth Day with us » Saturday, April 18

Date: Wednesday, April 22nd | Time: All Day | Place: Flower Child in Arcadia Peace, Love and Earth. Celebrate Earth Day with us. Every purchase you make at Flower Child on this special holiday, 100% proceeds goes back to our three community partners. Read More...

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Flower Child: Earth Day Partner – Phoenix Arcadia Rotary Club » Friday, April 17

Date: Thursday, April 22nd | Time: All Day | Place: Flower Child in Arcadia When you come in on Earth Day, April 22nd, 100% proceeds of what you purchase will go back to three amazing local partners. One of our partners is Phoenix Arcadia Rotary Club, it is a local group working to create a better community. Read More...

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Flower Child 365 – Protein Plate Combos » Thursday, April 16

We know how important it is to keep your inner Flower Child satisfied. While you enjoy spin class, vintage shopping or the upcoming music festival, we want to be sure your body is energized through all of your daily festivities. So as you keep your free spirit alive all year, let Flower Child take care of your inner well-being.

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Flower Child: Earth Day Partner – Arcadia High School Garden » Monday, April 13

Date: Wednesday, April 22nd | Time: All Day | Place: Flower Child in Arcadia This weeks partner is Arcadia High School. They are starting a school garden that includes an on campus garden club. Read More...

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Flower Child: Earth Day Partner – Audubon Arizona » Monday, April 6

Date: Wednesday, April 22nd | Time: All Day | Place: Flower Child in Arcadia On April 22nd, order any meal and receive a token to to donate to one of three charities. Total proceeds will be counted and donated to charity. Making a difference has never been so easy. Read More...

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Easter Brunch with Fox Restaurant Concepts » Tuesday, March 17

You’re invited to spend a joyous Easter Sunday with Fox Restaurant Concepts. See what our restaurants are preparing this year. Read more…

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NOW HIRING: Flower Child – Scottsdale » Tuesday, March 10

Flower Child is currently hiring their entire team for the new location, opening soon on 90th Street and Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale, AZ! Join a family that wants to give healthy food to a happy world!

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FlowerChild 365: Vegan Eats » Wednesday, January 14

You know that being a part of a food revolution takes commitment; a commitment to improve yourself through what you eat. And we know that you love being a part of a mindful eating lifestyle each day. Finding your inner Flower Child every day of the year? We are here to help with that. Read More for full details.

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